• what is condom? Different types of the condom How to use condom?

what is condom? Different types of the condom. Different types of the condom .How to use condom?

what is condom?

what is condom?

A condom is one of the cheapest adult toy methods. Condoms are thin and stretchy bags that people use during sexual activity. People use condoms during sexual activity to prevent unwanted pregnancy and various types of STDs. Condoms are used by any man or woman. People can also use condoms with different types of sex toys such as dildos, vibrator and anal toys, etc. to keep things clear. You can also use sanitary by wearing condoms using male masturbation and sex dolls it is also the couple-toy

The condom used by men is different from the condom used by women. Male condom is designed in such a way that men can easily wear it on their penis. Most male condoms are usually made with a latex material. Some men are allergic to latex condoms, so they prefer condoms that are made with non-latex material in condom sex

The female condom is designed in such a way that women can easily insert it into the vagina, with its flexible ring at both ends. The condom is a closed end of the woman that goes into the vagina. The other end of the female condom hangs outside the vagina. Most female condoms are made of polyurethane material. Condom women are also called internal condoms. so iot is the women-toy or man-toy Men and women can also use female condoms during anal sex. During anal sex, condom use is similar. Men and women use condoms the same way they do during vaginal sex.

Different types of the condom

Different types of the condom

Condoms are made with varieties of materials, so users can choose a more comfortable one suitable for themselves. A variety of materials are latex, non-latex, polyurethane, synthetic, lambskin, isoprene rubber, etc.

latex condom

Now a days, most condoms are made with a latex material. Generally, male condoms are made with a latex material. A latex condom can be easily increased up to 800%, so it becomes more popular. When using latex condoms, people should avoid using oil-based lubricants because the oil-based lubricant breaks latex condoms.

Polyurethane condom

Most female condoms and non-latex condoms are made with polyurethane material. Polyurethane condoms are not so sensitive to temperature. People can easily use an oil-based lubricant with polyurethane condoms. People who are allergic to latex condoms can easily use polyurethane condoms. A condom made of mostly polyurethane is transparent.

rubber condom

This condom, made with isoprene rubber, is more expensive than other condom. Isoprene rubber is a synthetic version of natural rubber. This type of condom benefits latex condoms as well as polyurethane condoms.

Condom size

Condom size

Condoms are available in the market with varieties of sizes. During sexual activity, if men use condoms it is important for them to choose the correct size of condom. If men choose too large or too small condoms, either the condom will break or it will become loose during sexual activity. The correct condom size is required.

The different sizes of condoms are small, medium, large and extra large. Men should always choose condoms according to the length and width of their penis. If men are buying condoms for the first time, they should first measure the length and width of their penis. He should then buy a condom according to that length and wide.

Condom thinness

As you know there are varieties of condoms available in the market. Different types of condoms have different thicknesses. A condom that is made of latex material is thick. If people want to use a thin condom then they should choose a condom which is made of polyurethane material.

During sexual activity, a thin condom provides a more unique sensation to both partners. These condom types are also available as condoms with dots that affect pleasure for women. Various condom brands like Condom Durex, Condom Manforce, Condom Kohinoor, Condom Score, Condom Kamasutra etc. make such condoms as the best Indian condom brand.

How to use condom ?

How to use condom ?

most of the people use the condom during the sexual activity. so it is important for men to use condom properly. first the men use the best condom according to their penis size. at the same time the male and the female can not use the condom. Wearing a condom is the safest sex for both partners. Below we will tell you how to wear condoms for you.

it is important for the people before using the condom check the expiration date of the condom.men should alway wear a condom when the penis erect position.this is the right time for wearing the condom on the penis It is important for men to cut their nails before using condoms. If you do not bite your nails, chances are the condom will get scratched. If the condom is scratched while removing it from the condom packet, use a new condom.

There is a small semen puddle on the front side of the condom. Men should hold the condom lightly before wearing a condom so that air does not enter the condom. If air enters the semen puddle, there is a possibility that the condom will burst during ejaculation

Now with the help of both hands, pull the skin of the penis towards the base and apply a condom on the tip of the penis. Pull the condom at the base of the erectile penis. When pulling the condom, make sure that the genital hair is not covered in it.

When wearing a condom, it is important for men to wear it on the basis of gender. Men can also use personal lubricants while wearing condoms. With the help of personal lubricants, men can easily wear condoms.